GFAS Accreditation

We're one of two just two GFAS Accredited sanctuaries in Central America

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), a non-profit organization whose objective is to strengthen and support the work of animal sanctuaries around the world, ensuring that the animal sanctuaries and rescue centers are supported, recognized and awarded for meeting important criteria in the care of resident animals.

With this accreditation, visitors who come to see the animals can be sure that Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center meets the comprehensive and rigorous standards of a true rescue center, providing care and responsible attention to all the animals we receive.

In complying with GFAS standards, our Rescue Center’s administration, standards of operation, veterinary procedures and animal welfare are all subject to cross-checking and evaluation by the GFAS.

This accreditation also provides a clear and reliable means for the public, Government and private entities to recognize Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center as an ethical and sustainable organization that deserves national and global recognition and support.

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