You can make a real difference through animal donations.

We are a GFAS accredited non-profit animal sanctuary and rely on the kind donations from wildlife and animal lovers such as yourselves. Whether it’s from donating through our online platform, or donating an item for our veterinary or enrichment teams.

Read more to understand what we do for endangered and threatened wild animals at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center and find out where your wildlife donations go, plus how to donate to our wildlife sanctuary online now, on a monthly basis or as a one-off. Every donation helps.

What makes us one of the best animal charities to donate to?

Rescate Wildlife takes absolutely no profit, all animal donations go to running our centres to help rehabilitate rescued animals, protect endangered species, or provide lifetime care to non-releasable wildlife.

We provide all the animals we rescue with the best possible care. In addition to providing  well-balanced diets, excellent  veterinary care, and appropriate habitats, we  also ensure their psychological wellness through our environmental enrichment programme. Our environmental enrichment team, led by a veterinarian with a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior, has created countless platforms, swings, bridges, puzzle feeders and other tools. This environmental enrichment provides the physical and mental stimulation necessary to ensure that the animals retain their natural behaviors that are so vital for their successful return to the wild, and prevents stereotypical behavior that is often seen in animals under human care.

In 2017 Dennis Janick, our founder, received the Carole Noon Award for Sanctuary Excellence, after being chosen for his innovation and leadership in supporting the welfare of native wildlife in Costa Rica – read more here.

Our founder, our staff and our volunteers are all proud of what we do – and you can be too. Read more about Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center through our About Us page.

Where do your animal donations go?

The vast majority of your wildlife donations go to feeding our animals and providing emergency veterinary care. It costs us a lot of money to feed and maintain our animal sanctuary on an ongoing basis. For example, your donations can feed our animals for one month:


$25 can feed a macaw

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howler monkey

$80 can feed a howler monkey

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$150 can feed an ocelot

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The remainder of the donations to the sanctuary go to our environmental enrichment programme, breeding programs, and continuously improving the facilities at the sanctuary so the animals get the best possible care, always.


$80 can fund a new camera

Cameras are used for animal observation, allowing our animal behaviour specialist to devise new enrichment schemes.


$300 can fund a table drill

Table drills can double our production of swings & bridges for the animals and also help us with maintenance and construction.

International Bank Transfers

Banco Nacional:

IBAN Number: CR20015100220025158287

Fundación Restauración de la Naturaleza

Tax ID Number: 3006171553

Thank you for supporting our animals and a being valuable part of our cause.

Local Bank Transfers

Banco Nacional:

Numero IBAN: CR43015100220011166981

Fundación Restauración de la Naturaleza

Sinpemovil: 8821-5656

Cedula Juridica:


Gracias por su donacion!

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