#SaveRescate and help us continue our work

Fighting for another 30 years of protecting and restoring Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

It is now 4 months and counting that Rescate has been restricted from opening to visitors, meaning 89% of our funding has disappeared. But there is no lockdown on preventing extinction or rescuing injured animals. We have kept going despite the financial pressures and are receiving more animals than ever as smaller rescue centers close down. 

It is essential to our survival that we raise $50,000 by October, and we will continue the campaign until we are financially stable. Please donate to the #SaveRescate campaign now!

Our Story

“Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity,” – Professor David Macdonald, Oxford University.

Over the last 30 years, we have played a huge part in Costa Rica’s biodiversity protection through wildlife rescue and release and endangered species breeding. Costa Rica is home to over 5% of the world’s estimated species, so the work we do is crucial for the future of humanity. 

We are the largest rescue center of our kind and we partner with officials, the Costa Rican Government, and members of the public to take in and rehabilitate nearly 3000 animals per year. Our breeding program has reintroduced several endangered species to the Costa Rican wild, a total of over 500 animals and plans to reintroduce another 300 by 2031. 

Incredibly, visitors to the Lifetime Care Sanctuary have sustained our funding for 30 years, accounting for 99.9% of funds. Now, with the COVID-19 restrictions we are struggling to fund even the most essential operations. We believe that this campaign can see us through the hard times as we wait for restrictions to ease. 

We ask anyone who believes in wildlife conservation to please contribute to our cause, and help Rescate to continue to protect Costa Rica’s biodiversity (and humanity) for another 30 years! Find our fundraiser here.

We need your help more than ever

We need to raise at least $50,000 by October otherwise we may have to close our doors for good.

Before it's too late.

Please donate to the #SaveRescate campaign now and help us continue to support Costa Rican wildlife.
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