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Helping indigenous endangered species & other endangered animals

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center rescues over 2,700 animals on an annual basis and there are another 800 under lifetime care. There are three main areas at Rescate – the Lifetime Care Sanctuary, the Conservation Breeding Center and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and there are endangered animals living in all of these areas.

Endangered species are animals that are going extinct in the wild. In our Lifetime Care Sanctuary there are many locally  endangered species, such as the Geoffroy’s spider monkey, Great Green Macaw and the Yellow-naped Amazon parrot and even some critically endangered species such as the  Grey-crowned squirrel monkey. There are also  endangered animals  from other countries living in the Lifetime Care Sanctuary such as the Grey-crowned Crane which is native to Africa and appears on the endangered species list all across its native range.

Many endangered animals also come into our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, the vast majority of which are returned to the wild. Roughly 2% of the wild animals we rescue are not able to be released and find a forever home in our Life-time Care Sanctuary

Many endangered species that are currently living in sanctuaries around the world are prevented from breeding as most sanctuaries do not have the capacity to release the offspring back into the wild. Here at Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center, when we rescue endangered animals and they are not fit to be released back into the wild, we introduce them to other endangered animals in our Conservation Breeding Center and give them an opportunity to reproduce. If these endangered animals are successful and produce off-spring, we ensure that their babies are raised in such a way that they will survive in the wild. When they are old enough and fit enough, these endangered species are released into the wild where they continue to contribute to endangered species wildlife populations in Costa Rica.

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Rescate Wildlife takes absolutely no profit, all animal donations go to running our centres to help rehabilitate rescued animals, protect endangered species, or provide lifetime care to non-releasable wildlife.

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Some of the mammals living in our Lifetime Care Sanctuary