Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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While there are many rescue groups in Costa Rica, Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is the largest wildlife rescue group and also the oldest wildlife animal rescue sanctuary of all of them.

We’re also the most unique wild animal rescue center. In addition to rescuing nearly 3000 wild animals every year, Rescate also maintains a Lifetime Care Animal Sanctuary, an Endangered Species Conservation Breeding Program, and three wildlife nature reserves that serve as release sites for our wildlife animal rescue center. 

Our State-of-the-Art Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has separate wildlife care units for various species, including primates, parrots and psittacines, raptors, small mammals, and reptiles. Each wildlife care unit is equipped with an intensive care clinic, incubators, a fly-proof enclosure, and a series of step-by-step acclimation enclosure. All the intensive care units have separate refrigeration, supplies, and equipment. From the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, rehabilitated wild animals are moved to larger acclimation enclosures in the surrounding forest. 

Within the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, there is a fully equipped veterinary hospital complete with a surgery suite, a laboratory, and three intensive care units, each with incubators and separate supplies and equipment. Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is the only animal rescue in Costa Rica with separate intensive care units for various taxa. It is really crucial when baby monkeys or baby birds are reared for release into the wild that they are kept separate from predators such as ocelots and jaguars. In many rescue centers in Costa Rica, all the animals are kept together in one intensive care area. This means that not only baby animal predator and prey species are held in the same place but also adults of these species. 

When an adult prey species are kept in the same space as adult predator species, it is stressful for all the animals. The prey animals are in fear of the predators, and the predators are stressed because they can’t get to their prey. That is why we feel that it’s essential to have separate intensive care units for the various taxa. There are very few wild animal rescue centers around the world that have such a state-of-the-art facility.

Unlike other animal rescue centers in Costa Rica, our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is not open to the public. These wild animals need peace and quiet and intensive care. It is also crucial for wild animals rehabilitated or reared for release into the wild to avoid seeing humans as much as possible. That is why only our dedicated Wildlife Rehabilitation Center staff are allowed to enter the rehabilitation center area.  However, our Lifetime Care Animal Sanctuary is open to the public every day.

Please consider making a donation to help support the animals in our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Alternatively, if you are in Costa Rica, visit our Lifetime Care Animal Sanctuary. Your visit to the Lifetime Animal Care Sanctuary helps support not only the sanctuary animals but also the animals that are rescued and released back into the wild through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. You can also help the rescue center by becoming a wildlife rescue center volunteer.